Counseling ABQ

Mental Health

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Address: 2900 Louisiana Blvd. NE, North Building-Suite A2 Albuquerque 87110

Let us help you from the comfort of your own home via our Video Teletherapy option!

Counseling ABQ is a mental health agency that offers counseling services to individuals, couples and families. We have caring and competent psychotherapists that will help you move through, manage and resolve the anxieties of this very stressful time. Our therapists are trained in wide areas of specialties and approaches. They can help you heal your trauma, past/current hurts and childhood wounds.

COVID-19, has definitely been difficult, and for some shaken our sense of safety, brought up many fears and worries, especially those working in the front line. Let us help you, manage those symptoms so you can return to a healthier life.

We work with children, teenagers and adults. We also offer counseling for Spanish speaking clients.